How To Set Up A You Tube Video For Google

A video is over fifty times more likely to appear at the top of Google page 1 for any specific keyword phrase than a website or blog, and that's a fact. Why is that? Well, partly because video is given more importance than words, in part because You Tube is a part of Google (although other videos also rank), and partly because of the manner in which the Google algorithms treat video content. Of course, the videos have to be set up for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but first we'll consider Google's approach to video content in their search calculations.

Videos are deemed rich content for internauts and so Google assigns them priority in a particular way. When a video becomes popular enough to get to Google Page 1, then Google lifts it to the top! This is why there are often several videos at the top of many search results - they don't all have the position, but were all raised to the top when Google found them on the page. This is plainly a great advantage, as it's quite easy for moderately competitive keywords to get a site to the bottom of page one, but it becomes increasingly difficult to get it to the top. If you used a video with good optimization, and a link back to your existing website, then this represents a welcome shortcut. As the video is hosted and delivered from You Tube, you don't even have to look for the best domain hosting service. On to that SEO ...

When creating a web site for a specific niche, it's usual to choose a domain name that is exactly the same as the keywords your are targeting. Next, the page title should be identical, and the phrase should be written every hundred words or so throughout the text. The page description (that bit of text that appears on the search pages) should additionally be be rich in your specific keyword, and naturally the keyword meta tag field should be filled properly. Find yourself the best domain hosting service, and you're set to go! When using You Tube videos, it isn't possible to name the url, but several video hosting platforms allow the title to be included in the url. Of course, the video title itself can include the keyword phrase, which will additionally appear in the video tags and in the description.

It's a curious thing, but Google has no clue what is shown in the videos that appear in their search results, so they rely heavily on tags and descriptions. Try and make their job easier, and you could see your video rising a few positions. This can be achieved by adding close captions to the video, which means uploading a subtitle file with an .srt extension when editing the video. This file is created beforehand, and is configured to match the on-screen text with the sound track of the video. The cool thing is that Google can read this file and have a good idea of what's in the video - far better than creating a long description underneath the video!

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